Quaker Service Memorial Trust Exhibition

The Quaker Service Exhibition is a separate but complementary , project to the stone memorial which is at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

This professionally produced exhibition was conceived and produced by the University of Manchester, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute. It is packed with factual accounts, images and the human stories behind the work of the FAU and FRS. It is suitable for display in libraries,civic centres and galleries as well as meeting houses.

To access a single page guide which explains what is involved in hiring the exhibition please click on the link in red text  below, which will take you to this page  When this link opens,click on the third line , which is again in  red text and the single page guide will open.

February 2016 Exhibition Introduction for website

For further information, please email qsmtrust@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 01785 286612

The exhibition is held at the following locations, Staffordshire, Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge.Doncaster, London(Wanstead) and Edinburgh. Bookings are made centrally through QSMT in Staffordshire

Quaker Service Exhibition , May,2012

Quaker Service Exhibition , May,2012