Quaker Service Memorial Location & Directions

The Quaker Service Memorial is located just beyond the Children’s Wood and Royal Ulster Constabulary Memorial. Allow up to 15 minutes to walk to our memorial from the main NMA building.

To reach the Quaker service memorial, turn right out of the café area and proceed down the ramp onto the wide driveway (Millennium Avenue). Follow this to the shelter at the far end, where there are carved wooden animals.

From here you can either go through the Children’s Area where there are swings and a picnic area, or you may choose to go through the Royal Ulster Constabulary, George Cross Way Memorial.

You will then need to cross over the stream by way of the small bridge, which is labelled Gabion Bridge which is almost straight ahead. Cross the bridge and turn immediately left. Follow the stream to your left until you reach the beehives. You will see the memorial in the broad gap between the trees on your right.

If the ground looks rather wet, bear right from the bridge towards the river and walk downstream, with the river on your right hand side, until you reach the wild flower meadow on your left. Turn left, leaving the river and walk beside the meadow (you will see the Spiritualist memorial ahead of you) until you reach the broad gap between the trees and our memorial.

Maps of the Arboretum are available (£3) in the main building; our memorial is marked on it number 425b.  Allow up to 15 minutes to reach our site from the main building.