his teaching resource contains a 184-page book including 28 lesson plans, student worksheets and extension activities, 35 photocopiable image resource cards and two DVD’s. The worksheets contained in the pack have been designed for inclusion in the History, Religious Studies and Citizenship curriculum, but details of extension activities are intended to encourage a whole school approach.

The resources are planned for secondary school use – Key Stage 3 and 4, but can also be used in Primary or Further Education contexts.

This teachers’ resource uses the service provided by Quakers as an example through which to explore the wider issues of humanitarianism, refugee assistance, pacifism and peace. The primary focus of this pack is the service provided by the Friends Ambulance Unit and Friends Relief Service during and after the Second World War.

In order to put this work into context, Quaker service during the First World War and the inter-war period is briefly explored as is the continuation of Quaker assistance after 1945. It is hoped that by exploring the work of the Quakers, students can examine their own actions and responsibilities, as well as their power to contribute to their communities and wider society. The resource draws on the research of Dr Jenny Carson and features more than 90 minutes of original oral history interview footage.

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