A memorial to commemorate the work of the Friends Ambulance Unit and the Friends Relief Service has been built at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

It presents the Religious Society of Friends and what Quakers stand for to millions of people in the UK and abroad, and provides a space for reflection and silent worship.

Its simple structure in stone brings to mind a meeting for worship. The circular seating serves as a setting for contemplation and expresses our vision of reconciliation in times of conflict. Wording carved on the seats illustrates Friends’ commitment and witness to peace.

Latest News

An exhibition has opened at the Community Gallery of  Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery,in Chamberlain Square,Birmingham about Quakers and the First World War. The exhibition uses original photographs,films and artefacts,and examines the impact of war on Quaker artists,businesses ,families and communities in Birmingham, central England and beyond.

The exhibition runs until 7 June ,2015. The link below provides further details.

Quakers & WW1, Birmingham Community Gallery 2015

QSMT wishes to make contact with as many surviving FAU and FRS members or their families as possible. The trust has contact already with a number of families but there are more we have not heard from.